A Vista Norte Gem: 1280 E Delgado Road, Palm Springs, CA 92262

A Vista Norte Gem: 1280 E Delgado Road, Palm Springs, CA 92262

Why Now’s the Time to Buy in Palm Springs

The real estate climate here in Palm Springs and the greater Coachella Valley has transformed. A window of opportunity has opened for buyers who've been patiently observing the landscape. Skyrocketing prices, courtesy of the past sellers’ market, are finally showing a steadying trend. According to Zillow’s recent market analysis, the Palm Springs area is becoming increasingly attractive for potential homeowners, offering quality at relatively reasonable prices. This is certainly the case with 1280 E Delgado Road, Palm Springs, CA 92262!

An Inside Peek at 1280 E Delgado Road

Location is Everything:

Situated at the northern heart of the city, 1280 E Delgado Road is a stone’s throw from both Uptown & Downtown Palm Springs.

The House Stats:

  • 4 spacious bedrooms
  • 2 luxe bathrooms
  • A generous 1,582 SF living space

Price & Viewing Details:

  • Priced at a competitive $975,000 (as of Sept 24, 2023)
  • Open house set for Sun Sep 24, 11:00am - 1:00pm.

Features that Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Set at an extremely reasonable price, the house itself is a work of art. It features a fully remodeled private pool home, tailored for contemporary tastes. The inviting open floor plan is flooded with light, leading to a state-of-the-art kitchen with stainless steel, granite, and framed by breathtaking mountain views. And if outdoor relaxation is your priority, the expansive backyard, with its oversized saltwater pool and lush landscape, promises endless sun-soaked afternoons. Perhaps the biggest appeal for investors is its earning potential as a short-term rental, thanks to the existing permits for the neighborhood. And since it’s FEE Simple Land, you'll enjoy full land rights without any HOA limitations.

Palm Springs Real Estate Market Shifts

The previously dominant sellers' market, characterized by soaring prices and quick sales, often left buyers scrambling. But according to the Palm Springs Regional Association of Realtors, the shift is currently in favor of the buyer. Listings are up, prices are stabilizing, and the frenetic pace is steadying, making it a crucial time for discerning buyers.

In Palm Springs, Every Investment is a Smart Investment

Simply put, choosing to invest in Palm Springs is an intersection of art, lifestyle, and real estate potential. The city offers a blend of mid-century charm, modern amenities, and scenic beauty with the added uniqueness of a seamless indoor/outdoor living experience. Investing here isn’t just about acquiring property; it's a testament to strategic investing. The city's growth trajectory, rich cultural scene, and unwavering demand for properties, especially in neighborhoods like Vista Norte, signify its long-term value. Investing in Palm Springs goes beyond the allure of pool homes and mountain vistas. It's about planting your stake in a thriving community with a promising future, ensuring both lifestyle rewards and financial gains in the years to come.
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