The Desert Holly: A Jewel of Palm Springs

The Desert Holly: A Jewel of Palm Springs

Unveiling the Desert Holly: The Crown Jewel of Palm Springs

Hidden in plain sight here in Palm Springs, CA, a remarkable property captures the essence of mid-century glamour: the Desert Holly. Nestled at 2244 East Tahquitz Canyon Way East, this Class 1 Historic Designation jewel of Palm Springs is more than a slice of real estate – it's a step back in time to the golden era of American architecture.
Developed by William B. O'Brien in 1957, this iconic Mid Century Modern marvel has stood the test of time, maintaining its charm and value over the decades. A small community of only 14 residences encircles a pristine pool, creating an intimate enclave that feels both exclusive and welcoming.

The Magic of Unit #5

Of the 14 residences, one shines brightly in it’s vacancy and pending transition from one owner to the next: Unit #5. A corner unit nestled in the far NW corner of the property, this living space offers an unobstructed panorama of snow-capped mountains and towering palm trees. You can’t find a better backdrop for your morning coffee or sunset cocktail. Lovingly restored over the past five years, this unit harmoniously blends past and present, with many original features such as the distinctive hearth and steel fireplace, jalousie windows for cross ventilation, and the original bathtub. Modern luxuries haven't been forgotten—updated with high-end appliances and cabinetry in 2018, it perfectly marries mid-century charm with contemporary convenience.

Financial Advantages

As a Historic Designation property, Desert Holly benefits from The Mills Act, offering a significant property tax reduction. Coupled with an impressively managed HOA, which boasts a low monthly fee of just $315, this property promotes both affordable and luxurious living. It's easy to see why investing in properties like this is not just to land a dream home – it's also a smart investment.

Why Palm Springs, Why Now?

With the ever-growing interest in historic properties, investing in Palm Springs real estate offers a unique opportunity. The city's popularity as a prime vacation destination means rental properties are in high demand. In 2022, vacation rentals saw an impressive 15% increase in revenue, signaling a promising future for investment properties. And people’s ever-growing interest in iconic mid-century modern properties like the Desert Holly means there’s long term stability for buyers and sellers in this market.

Your Golden Opportunity in the Golden State

There's truly never been a better time to invest in Palm Springs real estate because its value only strengthens over time. As the market continues to thrive, properties like the Desert Holly offer a home, a sound investment, and a piece of history. With its unmatched mid-century charm, breathtaking views, and financial advantages, homes like the Desert Holly are more than a real estate investment – they’re a lifestyle investment. Discover the beauty and benefits of this unique property, and make your next real estate venture one for the history books.
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